Practical Information

Registration desk

Upon arrival, please register at the registration desk located in the main lobby (auditorium).
On Monday June 12, the registration desk is open from 8:00 to 11:30 and all the others days (June 13 to June 21 except Sunday) from 8:30 to 11:30.


The FoCM 2023 conference will be held at the Sorbonne University International Conference Center in central Paris, whose address is:



FoCM is dedicated to providing a harassment‑free conference experience for everyone. Discrimination, intimidation, or harassment based upon age, citizenship status, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, and sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior has to be reported to


Posters attached to the workshops taking place in rooms 106 and 108 (tower 44, corridor 44-45) will be displayed in the small lobby room next to these two rooms. All other posters will be displayed in the main lobby next to the auditorium.

The recommended format is A0 portrait or A1 landscape. The poster panels cannot accommodate A0 landscape in width. Contributors are responsible for printing and bringing their poster themselves.

Posters can be displayed during the three days of the workshop to which they are attached. Poster contributors are responsible for choosing a panel or chair rail displaying the corresponding workshop number and hanging the poster themselves (materials required for hanging are provided). Poster contributors are asked to remove their poster at the end of the period.

Technical information

We remind  that this is an ''in person'' conference and that there is therefore no provision for remote presentations or recordings or retransmissions.

  • All rooms have video projectors with HDMI connection (no VGA)
  • All 1st floor (tower 44) rooms have a whiteboard or chalkboard
  • Auditorium has no whiteboard, there is no other choice but video projection

To the intention of the organizers:

  • A member of the technical staff will be present in the auditorium at all times.
  • For the 1st floor rooms, the installation is very simple and will be explained by a member of the technical staff the first day of each period during the half hour before the workshop.
  • It is therefore necessary that for each worskhop, at least one person (organizer or representative of the organizers) is present in the workshop room on the first day from 13:40 to wait for the technician to come.
  • If necessary, the technical staff can be found in room 108, corridor 44-54 (facing room 105)
  • There will also be a member of the organization for each period who will be present during the installation and can be contacted in case of need:


Accomodation and meals are not provided by the conference (except cocktail dinners).
Hotels, guest houses or appartments can be booked on various websites such as booking or airbnb.
We recommend booking early enough (if possible by February 2022). We also recommend to check cancellation policies and favor accomodations with flexible ones.
Be careful to check the distance to the conference location, quite a few accomodations are within walking distance.
Beware of other sites that would spontaneously contact you with accomodation offers, in order to fraudulently retrieve your credit card details.