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Session II.6 - Computational Algebraic Geometry

Thursday, June 15, 18:00 ~ 18:30

Adjoints of Polypols

Rainer Sinn

Universität Leipzig, Germany   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We discuss real curves which are adjoint (that is determined by) polypols introduced by Emil Wachspress. The simplest example of a polypol is a convex polygon in the plane. In this case, the adjoint curve has a fixed degree given by the number of vertices of the polygon and passes through all vertices of the line arrangement given by the edges that are not vertices of the polygon itself. More generally, polypols allow for nonlinear boundary components. We will mostly focus on recent works on polygons and may see some open questions in general.

Joint work with Kathlén Kohn (KTH Stockholm, Sweden), Ragni Piene (University of Oslo, Norway), Kristian Ranestad (University of Oslo, Norway), Felix Rydell (KTH Stockholm, Sweden), Boris Shapiro (Stockholm University, Sweden), Miruna-Stefana Sorea (SISSA Trieste, Italy), Simon Telen (CWI Amsterdam, Netherlands);, and Daniele Agostini (University of Tübingen, Germany), Daniel Plaumann (TU Dortmund, Germany) and Jannik Wesner (TU Dortmund, Germany).

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