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Session I.1 - Multiresolution and Adaptivity in Numerical PDEs

Tuesday, June 13, 17:30 ~ 18:00

Adaptive methods with $C^1$ splines for multi-patch surfaces

Carlotta Giannelli

University of Florence, Italy   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We propose an adaptive isogeometric method for the numerical approximation of (high order) partial differential equations defined on multi-patch surfaces. By focusing on $C^1$ hierarchical spline constructions, we will present a refinement algorithm with linear complexity which guarantees the construction of suitably graded hierarchical meshes that fulfill the condition for linear independence of the hierarchical basis. A selection of numerical examples will confirm the potential of the adaptive scheme on different multipatch configurations.

Joint work with Cesare Bracco (University of Florence, Italy), Andrea Farahat (RICAM, Austria), Mario Kapl (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Villach, Austria), Rafael Vázquez (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland).

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